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. the maryland jockey club is paying a washington based firm to collection signatures for the petition drive. they operate laural park and wants the slots operation to be located there instead. a coalition of neighborhood groups is trying to stop slots. >>> there's an easier way to get around downtown, the circulator has officially debuted. shuttle service will be east route between holland, in north south route between pen station and federal hill x. later the circulate tore will -- with harbor east and city hall, the buses are on the routes scheduled to arrive every ten minute. >> >> 5:33, call up indi, 595.24,. >> that's how many miles we will travel, around ten hours, follow your nose straight. here is linda so with how much on the home team out there. >> reporter: if you want to get there faster flying is the better option, hotel rooms are booking fast. we checked with a number of hotels and the message was pretty clear, no availability on game day. but we were able to find rooms further from the stadium. john core began runs a internet based travel company, called magictravelfor you.c
the fifth, the salahis were in washington, but their lips aren't moving. >> why'd they even show up? >> i think i heard they pled the fifth 35 times. >> if yours going to post all those pictures and then clam up in front of you know, the world. it's ridiculous. >> we have other things to worry about right now. >> good morning maryland, i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. before we get to the news of the day, let's get to weather. here's justin. >> plead the first. good morning to you, 6:32. here's how icy, storm coming in right now. is about uh, let's say 18 hours away for most of us. through tomorrow morning. this active storm pattern is catching up to what we have in place right now. clear, cold air. it'll be clouding up throughout the day. this evening, a wintry mix arrives to the west. very sharp cutoff of this uh, line of ice that we'll try to push into the area. i think we have ourselves an icy friday morning for many of us. sleet and freezing rain, most of what this storm is going to bring us. clear and cold right now. especially baltimore north. high clouds stream in from th
in washington today as redskins fans with el come the new head coach. >>> and first, let's fine out about the forecast. >>> again we have light snow already reported falling and even laying on the ground with a light coating up toward the north side in northern baltimore and carroll county, currently 28. we do expect flurries and light snow for the commute. more on that in a few moments. but first we will check out the ride. >>> we do have a delay on the presumption of innocence wick, 870 running late, light rain, metro subway still on time. on the buses the number of diversions, 19 diverting at hartford and north, 7 diverting at hudson and clinton, and the 51 bus at windsor. those are due to water main break repairs. to our community it's our lifeline to the emergency information we need it's a free service that provides free entertainment. but one day soon, it could be taken away. there's a movement among special interest groups to limit free antenna tv and millions of americans who depend on it would lose out. let's tell congress to keep free antenna tv as part of our communications fu
helmets, the top area was washington dc and worst was south dakota. over the past decade an average of 40,000 americans died and over 2 million injured in car crashes. >>> changing driver behavior by education alon is totally ineffective. we need to try this as a public health emergency. >> according to the national highway safety administration, maryland had 591 fatal crashes, the cost due to motor vehicle crashes totaled more than $4 billion. we just heard from chris who is sponsoring a bill to with hold federal funding with straits unless they place restrictions on teen drivers. in the studio, sherrie johnson. >>> american idol contestants will receive nicer criticism starting next season because simon cowell said this is it, the last year as a judge on the show. next year he plans to bring the x factor over here and had will appear oen that program. and simon's decision is the biggest threat yet to what has been the biggest tv program for nine years and they lost paula abdul. and ellen degenres is in. no carrierringconnect 14400 we will spell it out for you. right now back to the road
. >> part of the regional campaign that includes rallies, today and tomorrow in washington d. c. and also in richmond. >>> all right. it is time to get back to work wednesday, and abc wants you to know that the new census office in baltimore is expected to generate about 1400 jobs. so we are told there are plenty of positions still open. if you are interested we will give you the number to call, 1- 866-861-2010. it is 5:34, we are on the road to miami but first we have to hog tie indi on saturday. ravens fans show their purple pride. play like a raven is painted across the city, in baltimore county, howard county, we spotted one right out front of the studio here. the culprits, who are they, members of the ravens front office staff. they're just trying to get you pumped up. as the ravens gear up for game. hartford county leaders are troughing on the team's success, the army is shifting from -- grounds next year. but other defense jobs about 8,000 of them are now in jeopardy. other states including pennsylvania and delaware, they're trying to attract them back. >>> the state of delaware h
, washington boulevard and montgomery road. expect intermittent lane closures downtown because of the presidential motorcade. as we check our city cameras here, we are quiet as you look at mlk and fayette street. jamie and megan, back to you. >>> it's 6:31, almost 6:32. today, the president hopes to bring house republicans for a compromise, but it is the kind of compromise that has republicans fuming. abc 2 news sherrie johnson live outside the renaissance hotel in downtown baltimore. sherrie? >> reporter: good morning. yes, president barack obama will be here at the renaissance hotel a little later today and already we can see a large amount of security. they have bomb-sniffing dogs out here sniffing some of the vehicles so lots of activity already going on. the president will speak to house republicans during their second day of a thee-day retreat in baltimore. he will tour a factory in baltimore late this morning and then address the gop house lawmakers. he plans to announce today specifics of his jobs plan including a proposed $5,000 tax credit for small businesses for eac
? >> reporter: outside the haitian embassy in washington, dc a crush of people wanting to help. to give. >> just a quick overview of the general situation. >> reporter: at american red cross headquarters. >> i need to speak to isabel. >> reporter: they are scrambling to get aid in. >> how do we coordinate it? >> reporter: americans hope the donation buys a bottle of water or energy bar >> there's a land bridge from santo domingo to port-au-prince >> reporter: the vast majority is used for gas, transportation. if somebody sends you a dollar, $10, where is it going to go? >> well, it's a good question. it's primarily to be sending -- to be purchasing and moving supplies for people who need them. >> reporter: the haiti disaster turned into a test of sorts for the american red cross which faced a decade of management trouble and controversy. after 9/11 the agency was accused of hoarding donations for other disasters. after katrina accusations of misuse of funds by workers. new management is now in charge. >> we have not really seen them put to the test so that's what this disaster is going to be.
,000 maryland soldiers and airmen have been sent to war. >> thank you. >>> washington wizards basketball star gilbert arenas said he was not clear on the washington, dc gun law when he says he brought unloaded guns to the verizon center locker room. arenas spoke with law enforcement officers for two hours yesterday. he's at the center of a bizarre investigation into why he brought the guns in the locker room and why it's been reported he pulled a gun on a teammate. arenas says this is just a bad joke. >>> health news -- mammograms should begin at 40 for women with an average risk of breast cancer and by 30 for high-risk women. this is according to guidelines released by two groups that specialize in breast imaging. cricketing the controversial guidelines from the u.s. advisory panel this year. the joint recommendations for the american college of radiology and the society of breast imaging take into account the success of annual mammography screenings starting at age 40. >>> 6:34. the first mariner arena is the best arena for its size in the country. this is according to billboard magazine.
in washington for his support of civil rights and protection of the bay. and his sons say that he was 87 and died yesterday from complications of parkinson's disease. he lived in chevy chase. >>> funeral arrangements worked out for ken mass. he passed away on saturday he. at the age of 63. when you watched channel 2 in the 1980s you watched him. he was the first broadcaster to have a news at 5 in baltimore. he started his career in pennsylvania and then moved on to harrisburg. he joined then off to miami. he finished up his career in philadelphia. >>> sports fans,. , a familiar voice will be leaving charm city. anita marks is leaving the station. she hosts the show with the show is simulcast on massen. they will start looking -- on masn. they will look for a replacement, you can listen to rob colin who is filling in today. >>> and you thought that sir walter raleigh had a tobacco stash. dozens of stores and tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue. the comptroller showed off the illegal tobacco. it was uncovered 130,000 sticks of untaxed tobacco with more than 2600 illegal cigarettes
for miserable situations in washington. a wind gust took out this giant tree and power lines there. crews spent yesterday trying to repair the damage. the downed power lines caused a minor power outage but customers there quickly got back on line. >>> we're not the only ones getting hammered by the cold arctic winds. all up and down the east coast people are braving bone-chilling temperatures and many folks opted to stay indoors, others decided to venture out. in north carolina some brave souls headed to a farmers market in durham. one man said he was so cold he couldn't get the money out of his pocket. not even hot chocolate could warm him up. in maine, the problem there was the snow, most of the state got a foot or more, portland got away with a measly eight inches. snowy roads are making it tough to drive on. plows are out in the highways and in town everyone is trying to get a jump on the clean-up. >>> it looks nice there. check out another post card scene. this one near boston. the boardwalk. in the town of hull. on boston harbor. snow-covered and high winds are whipping up white-capped wa
will cooperate with the united states in fighting the terror network washington is embracing the yemeni president in the battle against al-qaeda with u.s. counterterror aid and help for security forces this. weekend yemen will get some yemeni detainees from guantanamo bay as the u.s. tries to close that facility. and some are concerned about the move. >> because the odds are that they will end up in the fight against us planning attacks on the united states of america. >> they are being very careful about how they are releasing any of these people. >> reporter: while the u.s. embassy reopened today it says the threat of terror attacks against american interests is high and urge citizens in yemen to be vigilant and take extra security measures. the fight against al-qaeda took on greater urgency after the failed christmas attempt to bomb an american passenger jet. in studio, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >>> time now 5:46. this morning's health alert, it's a new year with a new list of resolutions if you're eating right, one of them is, you know, you can add certain foods to your diet to improve you
when his inaugural train stopped en route to washington. >>> at 6:53, toyota is making a recall announcement that could leave owners in an out-of- control car. toyota is recalling 2 million vehicles in the u.s. to fix accelerator pedals that can become stuck. the recalled toyota mods are the 2005 to 2010 avalon, and the tundra from 2008 to 2010. for more information and other models affected, go to our web site right now at abc2news.com. >>> maryland businesses shine in fortunes magazine while there is a new list of 100 best companies to work for. the full list will be available february 8 as the issue of fortune hits the stands on monday. life bridge is one of three maryland-based companies and the only state health care system to make that list. >> it's a combination of benefits and culture. two of them working together. we try really hard to be the best employer we know how to be, and reach out to our employees in a number of different ways. >> other local companies making the list, mccormick and company, the hunt valley spicemaker as well as marriott. >>> baltimore port of
to marylanders. >> last month, washington d.c. city council passed a bill legalizing same-sex marriage. >>> some say abstinence leads to divorce. >> list ton this bill under review right now. it would only be a requirement for the splitup to be good. you ready for this? a lawmaker says it's a financial burden to require couples to live apart for a year to make the separation legal so delegate lewis simmons proposes that the husband and the wife can choose to live together but must agree to refrain from sexual relations. >> so the abstinence of sexual relations is part of the current law. we're not changing that. the only part we're changing is the requirement that the two people must move out of the house and take up a separate residence. >> the two people being fully separated makes you think about, you know, is this the right decision? >> so delegate simmons expects religious groups to testify against the legislation claiming it will make divorce a little too easy. >>> all right. it's 5:35 right now. case closed. >> a hopkins student doesn't have to fear prosecution for killing a man. >>> f
will bring you the latest. we are live, linda, abc 2 new. >> >> 648 tim the tim, according to the washington examiner the 14-year-old hit and killed by an amtrak was wearing a head set. though it couldn't be confirmed if she was listening to music, mike hale said she had a head set on, it was connected to a device. a makeshift memorial does mark the spot where her young life was cut short yesterday morning. the kenwood high school freshman was hit by an amtrak as she was walking to school, near middle river road taking a short cut on the way to school. >> she was just a cousin. so, and anna went first, and just i guess couldn't hear the train coming. >> why would you risk your life just to take a short cut and just suck it up and walk the extra mile. >> grief counselors from baltimore county are on hand to help support anna's class mate. >> >> it is 6:49, inside a church a sex offender is arrested for touching an 1 # 1-year-old girl sunday inside the sanctuary at st. james church. >> he had been in prison sentenced to 30 years but ly did half of the time. we have more on how this could happe
minutes. >>> today in washington, president barack obama will propose new restrictions on large financial institutions. a senior administration official says he is expected to say there should be new government powers to limit the size and the complexity of big financial firms. the president also says their ability to engage in high-risk trades should be limited. >>> from the financial system to health care, president obama sat down with george stephanopoulos in an exclusive interview. the president offered views on the massachusetts senate race. now the health care vote will be impacted. >> a lot of people have talked about getting the house to pass the senate bill. >> here's one thing i know, i want to make sure this is off the table. the senate certainly shouldn't try to jam anything through until scott brown is seated. people in massachusetts spoke. he has to be part of the process. >> tuesday's special senate election in massachusetts left democrats without their filibuster-proof majority to get the overhaul passed. looks like they may have to scale back some of the overhaul plans. g
tonight. her spokesperson said she will be a guest of senator ben carden. she was in washington last week for the winter conference of mayors meeting. >>> the state of the union is required by the u.s. constitution. traditionally he makes the address annually but it's set up for interpretation because it says he shall give a state of the union from time to time. the economy is expected to play a huge role in the speech. hoyer says the spending needs slow down but americans need to get a grip on their debt as well. >> our country is not working the way they think it ought to, and they are experiencing the worst economic downturn in 3/4 of a century, meaning very few of them had any experience in the great depression. >> some suggest that the president's circle budget approach will help him camture -- capture the mainstream voters but some say it's nothing more than political posturing. >>> abc news will carry the state of the union live beginning at 9:00 until 1030:67:89 and then you will hear from the president and the re-- 10:30 and then you will hear from the president and the response
at the home remains illegal. >>> does the fbi know who you are talking to? "the washington post" is reporting that the fbi may have persuaded phone companies to provide information. the reports say 2,000 illegally gathered records between 2002 and 2006 are in question. the justice department inspector general is expected to release a report with details about this. a problem the fbi director had no knowledge of until the investigation began. so they are going to wait until the report comes out before taking any disciplinary action. >>> president obama is expected to call for an extra $1.35 billion in educational grants today. the money would be in addition to $4.3 billion set aside for the economic stimulus program. the first of those awarded known as the race to the top will be handed out in the coming months. >>> 6:40. we've got 30 degrees at bwi marshall airport. 34 in owings mills now. it's relatively quiet. we have some clouds that have moved in over the last couple of hours. this is part of a system that will be dumping snow to the north and into massachusetts for that big election toda
, glaucoma and multiple sclerosis to use marijuana to ease pain. >>> and most of washington is going to be focused on the senate race in massachusetts today. the race is between states attorney general martha coakley and republican scott brown. they are neck and neck now. this could determine the fate of health care reform. today's special election is to fill former senator ted kennedy's seat. >>> we're coming up on 5:48. two initiatives may share a nickname but this year's home edition is different than last year's "cash for clunkers" car trade in. nicole collins has details in "consumer watch" and how you can save more green by going green. >> reporter: clung took the nation by storm in 2009, a huge opportunity for consumers who got as much as $4,500 for trading in gas-guzzling cars. this year a sequel. call it "cash for clunkers" home edition. an effort to get more energy efficient appliances in to homes. the premise is similar. the execution different. the rebates significantly smaller topping out at about $250. rather than a nationwide program it's in the hands of each state. so
the health care problem and also taxes. and jobs. >> reporter: in washington, a defiant speaker of the house says health care reform legislation isn't dead. >> whatever happens in massachusetts, we'll have quality affordable health care for all americans and it'll be soon. >> reporter: brown campaigned on breaking the democrats supermajority of 60 votes in the senate to stop health care reform. as 41st republican senator, he appears poised to help the gop achieve that. >>> torrential rain pounded southern california for the second day on tuesday, causing flooding in some cases and terrifying situations. two boys, firefighters had to rescue the 10-year-old and 12-year-old from rushing waters in the channel. here you can see the firefighters helping one boy climb up a ladder and outfit the channel. they say the water was moving fairly quickly and the two boys were fortunate they were spotted when they were. >>> coming up next: the sticking point in conan o'brien's strategy. >> why the host has yet to reach a deal. >>> one minute they're on fire, the next minute they're under water. we'll have
. maryland's most powerful doppler radar, rain in frederick, washington and allegany county. we have a break in the action locally, but extremely heavy rain continues to fall from bel air towards rising sun. we take you to northern hartford county, it will come to an end, we'll get a break in the next half hour. look at norrisville, elementary, 57 degrees, that's the benefit of this strong wind, the winds have been 18 to 25 miles per hour, gusting to 51. so strong gusty winds already this morning, and we'll have ourselves the threat of that rain continuing as this front will try to push through by lunchtime. until then plan for heavy rain, gusty win and a very, very slow commute this morning. for more on the ride at 6:32, here's kim brown. >>> we do have reports of a tractor-trailer fire northbound 95 at 895. we have lots of road hazards including downed cablings and trees around the area. you can get a complete list at the wake up window. in glen burnie, nabs creek, closed due to fallen cables, falls road at mount carmel road downed trees. accidents at eastbound route 32 at coarsey run road
to washington. president obama is congratulating republican scott brown on winning yesterday's election to fill the late ted kennedy's seat. brown's position will make it tougher to get health care reform through congress. >>> a search is centered in the woods near the historic town of appomattox where a gunmen shot eight people yesterday. >>> all lanes are open after a water main break this morning. the broken 12-inch water main ran from one side of the highway to the other. >>> good morning, 5:50. we have a localized event that could be a nuisance this morning. confirmation from an anonymous viewer, pasadena you got sleet right now. that's what we've been seeing the last hour. on the radar and heard it from a few people. 34 degrees in baltimore. watch the flare-up on the radar. mixed precipitation, it appears rain and sleet around baltimore. we had it come through columbia, now through pasadena sliding across the eastern shore to kent county. some of this uh, probably just pinging off the windshield. marginal temperatures right now, some bridges and overpasses could be susceptible to slickeni
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